FBdev is the main site for the development of framebuffer drivers. If provides mailing lists for discussing problems, CVS service for team development, etc. If further tries to collect any needed documentation and makes it available for anyone.

FBdev also makes drivers available for download and gives advice how to test out new releases. This way anybody should be able to test any driver before they are included into the official kernel releases.

List of drivers

Here is list of drivers.


FBdev is meant for you, for everyone believing in the free software world. But it also needs you, needs everyone who agrees on its target. Even if you can't help much or do any work you can give your assistance by simply

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2004-08-18 (wyo) Otto Wyss has taken over responsibility as a maintainer. The first task is to bring the website into new shape and remove all the spam messages from the lists.


1999-12-23 (wyo) Initial start of this project.